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My philosophy: 'Live to Inspire'

Natura Fitness is a culmination of my life experiences. As an athlete, researcher and someone that has always thought a little outside of the box, I have always questioned and sought out new alternative ways of achieving my goals.

Not bound by current trends, Natura Fitness is an expression of something that I have innately sought out. That is, to NOT specialize in any one specific movement pattern. In fact, Natura fitness emphasizes varied and dynamic movement patterns.

I found that throughout my life I could never really specialize in any one sport. Often criticized , I was told by my peers to focus on one sport and career, as this specialization would bring me success. However, I found that this specialization in fact limited me and handicapped me at a spiritual, emotional, and physical level. A specialization at the physical level became very mechanical and like mechanical objects I would soon experience mechanical problems. As soon as I varied my movement and added dynamic patterns I would no longer experience the same physical problems. Much like my body, I found that by following these principles at the emotional, spiritual, and Nutritional levels I have been able to help many people achieve a balance and harmony in their bodies.


A lover of all things physical , I always felt best when expressing myself through physical movement. I started my competitive sporting life at the age of 5, playing junior soccer and Futsal. I played right up to the age of 17-18 competing at State League level and against many future national soccer stars at that time. I , however always enjoyed playing a variety of sports excelling at Rugby, cricket, swimming, athletics and Cycling


My passion for Cycling began at the age of 12 , after witnessing the Australian Pursuit team take out Gold at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic... I soon began cycling, and soon started track racing in the summer months while playing soccer in the winter months. That was until I turned 18 and gave up soccer and completely immersed myself into competitive cycling. Throughout the early 1990’s I raced extensively with various Sydney Clubs at State level, got a top 10 overall finish at the Australian University Games along side legendary Tour De France Green Jersey winner Robbie Mcewen, which subsequently led me to a season racing in Italy with a local team in the Abruzzo region. Never content with the one sport, I soon took up Triathlon racing, racing my first in 1988. For over 25 years I have raced extensively on the Road, track bicycle races, Triathlons, ocean swims and running races.


Natura Fitness ultimately aims at assisting you achieve a holistic balance at the emotional, spiritual, nutritional and physical levels.

Emotional: Here we address the laws of flexibility and the laws of choices, and how emotions attach to beliefs.

Spiritual: Here we address creative and expressive choices, allowing you to align with your passion compass and again the impact it has at the other 3 levels.


Here we address seasonally adapting to the bodies needs. Vegetarianism and Paleo all have their place. We also address the bodies PH and its impact on the body.

Physical: Dynamic Antispecialisation.

Only by addressing all 4 segments in a holistic manner can a sustainable balance be achievable.

  • Bachelors Degree

  • Certificate 3 Gym Instructor/ Group fitness

  • Certificate 4 Personal Training

  • Senior first Aid Certificate

  • Level 1 DVRT Functional Sandbag training

  • Level 2 Running Coach (Athletics Australia)

  • Schwinn Certified Spin Instructor

  • ASSA ( Academy of Sport Speed and Agility) Certified

  • Ironman Certified Triathlon Coach ( Through Ironman University)

  • Massage Therapist

  • Fitness Australia member

  • 25 years of Competitive Athletic Experience.

  • 1990-1995- A Grade road State Cyclist

  • 1988 to present- hundreds of Triathlons varying from sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman to Ironman

  • 1990 to present- Countless running races. From 5km, 10km to many half Marathons to 6 Full marathons. 3:03 PB

  • 1977-1990. Competitive Futsal and Soccer player at State level

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