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Certified Triathlon Ironman coach

Having completed 4 Full Ironman and dozens of Half Ironman along with hundreds of Sprint and Olympic distance Triathlons, Victor has learnt a thing or 2 about racing Triathlons. By preparing for all 3 disciplines as a whole and integrating the importance of Nutrition and transition training Victor can help get you to the finish line of your next race.

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Running Coach

As level 2 running coach with Athletics Australia, and with over 25 years experience racing at distances from your local 5 km to the 42 km Marathon and beyond. Naturafitness can assist you in running form, addressing imbalances in the body and building programs to get you ready for your next run.

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Cycling Focus

Having raced bicycles and triathlons locally and overseas for over 25 years, I learned one most important factor. That is efficiency and technique. Any task big or small can be either really difficult or quite simple depending on 1 your technique and 2 your efficiency. Over the last 7 years I have experimented with the least amount of hours on the bike yet without losing that much speed, power or endurance. So in other words, how do you get the best investment on your training with the smallest investment in time. As we all know time is critical , and we are all fighting for more time.

So the answer to that question is specific functional and dynamic training on and off the bike. By incorporating a few strength based sessions, together with stretching for flexibility, breathing exercises, and anaerobic HIIT sessions , I found that I was able to ride fewer hours on the bike and yet still maintain the same fitness level I had when training double the amount of hours. Furthermore, I felt stronger in my every day life, able to tackle physical situations much easier than when I was so focused on cycling alone.

So if you want some extra speed, try investing on the best part of the riding experience .."YOU". Try building your own body up. I’m not saying to not invest in those flashy aero wheels, but by investing some time in getting stronger, getting lower on the bike for aerodynamic advantages, learning to breathe better, and adjusting your mindset, just might be the best investment you make while riding your bike. Natura Fitness can also assist you in running and swimmimg efficiency and technique. If it is about getting you to the start line of your first running , cycling race, triathlon or Ironman, Natura fitness can guide you all the way.

Natura fitness uses the wahoo Kicker power trainer for most of its training protocals, and will assist in fitness programming and bike setup.

NATURA FITNESS SPIN classes are an extension of our dynamic philosophy. With over 25 years of bicycle and triathlon racing experience, Victor brings to you a unique Spin experience with each ride. Whether it is a Classic Spin ride spinning to the beats or a Spin & Tone class, focusing on spinning followed by resistance training with dumbbells or a Spin & Box the ultimate full upper and lower body cardio workout, Natura Fitness Spin classes are sure to tick your complete workout box.

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Speed and Agility. (ASSA) Acadamy of Sport Speed and Agility Certified Coach.

Having played football (soccer) for many years including state level, I was always fascinated at the impact of speed and more so agility has in most sports and movements. Agility which is “the ability to change the body’s position efficiently requiring the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance”. Natura fitness will assist you improving your agility for your specific sport, using hurdles, speed ladders, balance boards and foot work combinations.

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General Wellbeing

Natura Fitness can assist you in achieving your health and Fitness goals. Natura Fitness can assist you in

  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Gain
  • Nutrition
  • Strength
  • Stress Relief

Natura fitness focuses on functional antispecialisation movements.

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